BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc Filter Cartridges – 3 Pack


  • Valuable magnesium minerals and trace elements of zinc are added to promote healthy hair and skin
  • Reduces harmful substances such as lead, copper, and chlorine which affect taste and smell
  • Offer optimum protection against limescale
  • Filter change every 28 days


Enriches your tap water with the valuable mineral Magnesium and the trace element zinc

Conventional filters are good and are useful for removing unwanted elements from your drinking water. Choosing a BWT filter takes the basic principal of filtration and then simply makes it better with clever thinking and patented technology.

The BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc filter cartridge is a perfect example. It not only removes those unwanted elements that can lead to bad tastes and odours but gives your tap water a boost with the near perfect combination of the mineral magnesium and the trace element zinc. Magnesium is not just a good taste carrier, it also helps keep your body and mind healthy. The addition of zinc to your tap water adds freshness to the taste, has a positive effect on your skin and hair, and even supports your immune system.

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